About Us

Our Vision


Our product filters out the noise that revolves around investing on social media. We give you immediate access to social sentiments, market data to help you make truly informed investment decisions and trade with confidence.

Collaborate & Profit

Despite ongoing disruptions in the financial industry, 52% individuals lack the confidence to participate in stock investing, either because they don't trust the market or their ability to play it correctly. Yet, stocks are your best protection against the ravages of inflation. By bringing together veteran and aspiring investors, we believe that the stock market can truly become a more efficient source of wealth creation to all.


We believe that technology can help mitigate the risk associated to investing. Our proprietary analytics and reporting tools leverage data from verifiable investors to gauge market sentiment, create actionable insight, and predict trends and future events. We give every investor the tools they need to make informed decisions and maximize performance.

Social Benchmarks

Stock indexes are currently the only way for investors to measure their performance. We believe this is inaccurate. The best benchmark for investors is other investors. Our social indexes validate your market performance by comparing your track record to similar investors, real-time. This promotes positive behaviors towards stock trading, including competitive spirit and self-motivation.