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The fastest way to find a broker in Pakistan that meets your requirements

Finding the right online broker in Pakistan can be tricky.

We built our brokers section to take the pain out of finding a suitable, affordable and reputable broker for the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Pakistan Mercantile Exchange and Forex Traders. Our personalized broker-matching tool (above) suggests a handful of brokers that are likely to be suitable for you in Pakistan, in just 15 seconds.

Once you click 'See my suggested brokers', our algorithm gets to work by comparing over a hundred regulated brokers to find 3-5 brokers with the best combination of being reputable, suitable, affordable based on your trading style.

"Stocksfm has done traders a huge favor by simplifying the process of finding a reputable broker."

Ali Hussain, FX Trader

We've compared hundreds of brokers head-to-head

Looking to trade forex?

We've hand-picked reputable forex brokers that are regulated and offer tight spreads. Compare them all below.

Looking to trade stocks?

We've compared regulated brokers for trading major stocks, IPOs and indexes like the KSE100.

Looking to Commodities?

Looking for a commodities betting broker? We've compared SECP approved commodity brokers below.

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  • Used by thousand traders
  • Over 30+ years in business
Go To MR SecuritiesYour capital is at risk
  • Used by over thousand traders
  • Over 20-+ years in business
Go To Zafar SecuritiesYour capital is at risk
  • Used by over thousand traders
  • Over 20+ years in business
Go To SCS TradeYour capital is at risk

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